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Care recommendations for HVÓYA shoes and bags

Smooth leather

Wipe your favorite smooth leather items with a cotton cloth dampened with soapy water, then dry thoroughly. Next, apply a small amount of cream on a cotton cloth and rub into the skin in a circular motion until the cream is completely absorbed. Avoid using colored cream when caring for your bags, as it can stain your clothes when worn.

Lightly dampen the cloth with water and polish the shoes. Let dry and then apply wax for extra shine and hydration. Take care of your things and they will last longer.

Suede Leather

Suede should be combed in one direction with a special brush, and then sprayed with a suede care spray. After that, comb the suede in the opposite direction and spray the product again. Repeat the whole procedure again. To remove stains, you can use a special eraser for suede and nubuck.

Patent Leather

After using the shoes, clean the contaminated surface with a damp cloth, then wipe it dry. After that, apply a special patent leather care product, wipe the patent parts and immediately after that, rub the pair to a shine with a flannel cloth. Patent leather shoes require special care, as they cannot tolerate temperatures below zero. We recommend wearing such pairs in dry and warm weather, at a temperature not lower than +5 ° C.

To ensure that shoes give you pleasure every day and serve for a long time, follow these rules! You can always get additional information that interests you from consultants in our store. We wish you a pleasant and comfortable walking in our shoes!

If you have any questions, please email us