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Terms of use


Before you buy and start wearing a pair, try it on properly – the wrong choice puts the health of your feet at risk.

Choose shoes according to size and fullness, taking into account the individual characteristics of the foot, since, in case of a mismatch in size and shape, the following problems may occur: shoe deformation, seam rupture, cracks, and creases. Choose shoes that don’t pinch you, especially around the toes. The foot should also feel free. It is important to try on shoes while standing and walk around the hall in them.

Please refer to our size chart when ordering online or
consult with our specialist. It is also desirable to indicate the length of the foot, the girth of the arch and tufts up to the millimeter. This will give us the opportunity to check the correct size of the shoes you ordered.



When choosing, pay attention to the purpose of shoes. Model shoes are worn for a short time, sports and walking shoes – for long walks.


Change shoes after 2-3 days, especially in wet weather. This will allow the shoes to retain their look and shape for a long time, as well as to dry naturally. To do this, it is desirable to have several pairs of shoes for the season. Don’t wear new shoes for long at first, so that they can adjust to the shape of your feet.


Before using new shoes, as well as in the future, the pair must be protected from moisture, dirt, technical salt, dust, and stains with the help of special means.

Treat smooth leather with shoe polish. For the treatment of velour, nubuck, and suede, use special water and stain repellant. Use professional shoe cosmetics that suit the type of shoes you need. Avoid products that contain silicone. High-quality genuine leather shoes are usually dyed with natural dyes, so they can partially give off the pigment under the influence of heat and moisture.

In order to prevent staining of stockings, socks, and legs in the first days of using shoes, treat them on the inside with a special aerosol, colorless shoe polish, or moisture-repellent products.


Clean up your shoes after every wear. Clean it from dust and dirt. Washing any kind of leather shoes is prohibited!

Dry wet shoes at room temperature away from heaters and any other heat sources, avoiding direct sunlight, after stuffing them with paper, or using special devices (shoe trees and stretchers) to prevent deformation. Moisture will disappear from the shoes after about 20 hours. Periodically ventilate the pair in the fresh air so that the leather can dry well.


In order not to spoil the heel part, use the horn when putting on shoes, and when taking off – do not step on the heel to avoid tearing off the sole.

Shoes with external straps and elastic bands have special places for gripping and slipping on, do not pull directly on the straps and elastic bands.


Shoes should be stored in a cardboard box, duster or a special cabinet at a temperature of +14 to +25 °C at a relative humidity of 50–80%.

Few words about our bags

Treat the leather your bag is made from as if it were your own skin. Clean it of dust and dirt and moisturize with creams as needed. Pay special attention to places that most often come into contact with hands. And give the cream time to absorb. Your bag will definitely appreciate it.

Use only professional alcohol-free leather care products and be sure to read the instructions for their use. Do not trust folk remedies.

Leave aside all rough brushes, as they can scratch the surface.

Remember, natural smooth leather does not like water, so you should not arrange water procedures for it, it is enough to use a damp flannel fabric. This advice does not relate to suede bags.

Keep the bag filled with clean paper or natural cloth. Your bag should “breathe” both inside and out.

Overloading the bag while wearing it, you risk deforming the product, so watch its weight and take care of your back.

To ensure that shoes and bags give you pleasure every day and serve for a long time, please follow these rules! You can always get additional information that interests you from consultants in our store. We wish you a pleasant and comfortable walking in our shoes!

If you have any questions, please email us


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