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Vyazani. Povyazani

The creation of the collection began even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, so it is about peace and peaceful life. About us Ukrainians, so hardworking, talented, and beautiful. Through the ages – about inheritance and craft, about talent and gift.

About new us, when now there is an understanding that life, like a thread, can break at any moment.

Our threads are strong.





The drop included two models: “Merezhyvni” – crochet lace ballet flats and “Lychaky” – hemp “lychaks” with handmade ceramic birds.

In search of a symbol of “peace”, HVÓYA added the ceramic white bird by the jewelry brand Tsvite Teren to the collection, as the personification of the love of freedom.

The color of the shoes, as well as the yarn used, are natural: linen, hemp, and cotton in natural shades.


The top of both pairs is сrocheted by hand with a special tool, a small hook, and then the pair goes to the HVÓYA shoe manufactory, where production is completed. In total, craftswomen and craftsmen put about 25 hours of manual labor into each of the models.

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